Sunday, July 5, 2009


HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The return of me!!!!


I'm back....
I'm freeee.......
I'm doneeeee.......

Guess what?
I'm done with my A Level, my Pre U and one of my chapter in life... wheeeee!!!
so now i'm back to blogging

I know i know! where have i been all this while?
well, I had my finals which was a month plus so I had to went full blast for it and it was very very stressful indeed

but ohwell, I'm back...
for my 1st post is

PE5 (my class) last day in TAYLORS

so ya! this is what we all did on our last day right before we went on our study break and our finals. On that day, we bought each lecturer a cake and every end of the lessons, we will celebrate with them as a sign of our appreciation to them

My mentor, Miss Jean ( Econs)

She is the best mentor that anyone could ever have coz she is like our mother in college and she take care of us, endure our naughtiness like for 18months and most importantly, she always give us the best advice on what to do. Her teaching in Econs is also awesome!

A sincere cake for you and the cake was yummy!!!!!!! *drooling*

As usual, she will give us her very last advice and hopes that she want to see us to be for the future.

Thank you Miss Jean for taking care of us for 18 months!

Ms Lim ( Physics)

sadly, we din managed to take a picture with her coz she was rushing off for her meeting. ohwell!!!

Mr. Raja a.k.a The Man ( Maths)

He is the best Maths lecture we can ever ask for coz he is famous for his strictness in his class, punctuality, homework and many more. I still remember the very 1st day of college, he step in and told us his 3 GOLDEN RULES!

1. Always presence to my class. If you are absence, please show me a letter!
2. Always wear your Student Tag in my class
3. Always switch off your handphones! if i hear a single beep, you will get it from me

sound strict right?
but to my classmates, we disobey his rules by the 3rd week dy.. hahahahahahaha..

His teaching method is straight to the point and its very easy to understand maths. Eventhought pure maths and mechanic was difficult but he tried his best to make it easy for us to understand and do it! He loves to give us ALOT I MEAN FREAKING ALOT OF HOMEWORKS which can takes up your entire weekend and your college time but in a way is good coz thru homework, we actually realise we improve better!! hahahaha

His last speech for us after cutting the cake. hehehe.

Thanks Mr. Raja!

Finally the real party begins...
Initially we suppose to be revising our pure maths but we "bodek" him not to and he gave in. Instead he took alot of pictures with us and there are some funny and shocking moment which we never expect him to do with us! hahaha

check it out!

The guys with Mr. Raja

The Girls with Mr. Raja

Shing with vivian, lorna and krystle... hehehe

Clement, amar, Mr. Raja, Yindran and Me

terk yeong, joey, clement, amar, mr raja, yindran and me

shing and mr raja

everyone is getting ready in position to take another class picture

and finally after few arrangement here and there, we managed to take it. haha

Never in my 18 months, i ever see delicia very cheeky this way to may Ee.. haha

Amir with the hair

his stylish - amar and shaun

su yi and john!

really solute amir man! he can carry clement, yow hui with the help from amar. haha

I have no idea whats with their expression

me, terk yeong, joey, john and ser siang

another class pic.. sadly i'm hidden from this angle

1st attempt!!!

2nd attempt and he did it!

my class rep, Dexter enjoying errrr.... nvm!!!

Delicia trying to imitate joey's trademark.. haha

awww... wen jia finally get to hug mr. raja

the loudest girls in class who always keep the class going!!!

Mr. Raja showing peace sign for the 1st time with the girls man

The following pictures are abit sick so beware! I will not held any responsible if your eyes can't take it ya! =p

Aaron (not me, kay!) feeling amar as clement looks at it and deli looks on

wen jia is trying to adjust "something"

errrr.... you think for yoursef! hahahaha

our blur/mix face

we call this pic " oreo" coz its milk in the inside and choco at the outside.. get what i mean? hehe

and finally,
This is how we end our DAY in Taylors!

emotic with Mr. Raja

The "play first, study later" PE5

and finally to Taylors,
this is for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from 0801 PE5

-signing out-